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My name is Istvan Nagy.

 I was born in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary, in 1980. I finished the secondary school in Nyiregyhaza, in the Banki Donat Technical Secondary School, in the faculty of mechatronics. I got the technician charter.I finished my studies at the Technical University of Budapest in 2006 in the faculty of Electronics Engineering. My studies were mostly at two departments: the Department of Electronics Technology, and in the Department ofTelecommunications. I have studied circuit design, and manufactoring in the first, and digital signal processing in the second department. I also have studied somewhere else (hobby) some other subjects, like FPGA technology, motor control, embedded linux, power supplies... I started hobby electronics PCB design, when I was 13. I have lived in Hungary, Belgium and the UK, now I live in the Silicon Valley in California.


My curriculum vitae (resume) can be downloaded here, and cover letter here.


Other interests: I like hardcore-metal music, swimming, cycling.


Departments at the university, where I studied:www.ett.bme.hu†††† www.hit.bme.hu


Company: www.fortinet.com