My writings:


  I wrote these things when i learned them. It is a method of learning difficult things alone (self-study), and i usually use this method. The most of these are handwritten, but some ware made in MS Word. You can download these MS Word writings here in pdf format. You can use these as help, for example when you try to learn to use a processor, or just you forgot a menu access in design software. And you can also use these to study. Most of my papers weren’t published in any magazines.


Publications in magazines:

Accurate Impedance Control, Printed Circuit Design and Fabrication Magazine November 2009 (ENGLISH language).

Part-1:  page-20.

Part-2: page-30.


Generalized I/O timing Analysis, Printed Circuit Design and Fabrication Magazine October 2010 (ENGLISH language).

Part-1: page-26

Part-2: page-23


High-Speed Design with Altium Designer:

Short version in the Electronics Specifier Design magazine, August-2011:   page-44

Full-length version on the Bluechip Technology website, May 2011


Power Integrity Simulations Using Free Software:

Printed Circuit Design and Fabrication Magazine, August-2014   page-24



Using-Aids for Processors and Design Software:

ADSP-BF533 DSP architecture and programming 2006,  HUNGARIAN language

Using the National Instruments LabVIEW software 2005,  HUNGARIAN language

TMS320F281x DSP architecture and programming 2005,  HUNGARIAN language

TMS320VC5402 DSP architecture and programming 2005,  HUNGARIAN language

Using of the Altium 2004 PCB design software 2005  (extra) ,  HUNGARIAN language

PIC18F452 microcontroller architecture and programming 2004,  HUNGARIAN language

Using of the Protel DXP PCB design software 2003,  HUNGARIAN language

PIC16F87x microcontroller architecture and programming 2001,  HUNGARIAN language

Using of the Protel 99SE PCB design software 2001,  HUNGARIAN language

Intel MCS51 compatible microcontrollers architecture and programming 2001,  HUNGARIAN language


Opensource projects:

Opencores PCI-to-Wishbone bridge IP core:,pci_mini


Opencores PCI-Express-to-Wishbone bridge IP core:,pcie_mini


Opencores OP2P Open Peer-to-peer Interface:,op2p


My Technical Notes:

 (Hadwritten notes about what I have learned in my profession)

 Volume-1:  Electrical Engineering Base studies 

  ( 2000-2004,  university base education in EE.  50MB,  HUNGARIAN language)


 Volume-2:  Electrical engineering Advanced studies 

  ( 2004-2011, Professional HW/SW Electrical Engineering, PDF 171MB,  HUNGARIAN language)



 Electro-Optical PCB Technology   2014

(Research paper about possibilities for high-speed optics on-board, English)


download\Multi Gigabit PCB-Channel Analysis   2013

(Multi-gigabit serial links PCB pre-layout and post-layout analysis and specification criteria, English)


Zero Emission Living   2013

(Analysis of solar energy, electric cars and storage, English language)


Simulation methods of high speed digital printed circuit boards   2005

 (university homework,  HUNGARIAN language)


Step by step setup for simulations.pdf   2014

(How to set up FEMM and Sonnet Lite for Power Integrity. Appendix to PI Freeware article)


A 3-Stage FTL Drive - istvan nagy.pdf   1995-2018

(Theoretical speculations on inter-stellar space propulsion)